Well, if you are reading this letter, it looks like I’m gone. It was April 4, 1954 when I made my first board game and started my company. However, it looks like after years of creating and playing games, it’s game over for me! Even though I’m gone, I think there is time for one last game. You see, rather than just give all my fortune away, I’ve decided to let you win some of it. If you can solve my games, you will find my will and be able to sign your name to it, thereby receiving some of my fortune. Ah, but like any good game there is a catch! My lawyer is coming to read my will precisely one hour after you received this letter. If your names are not in the drop box by the time my lawyer comes, you will be written out of my will. Your first game is to open this case. Good luck! You already have everything you need.

Uncle Milton

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